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Interested in Advertising Space - Clever Advertising

(, 16. 10. 2020 17:13)

My name is Diogo Soares and I`m an International Media Buyer from PopMyTraffic – Clever Advertising. We are one of the biggest Advertisers in Europe and experts in Online Advertising with Sports Betting Brands.

I`ve been carefully searching your Website in the past few days and based on reputation, brand, traffic, and content, It would be very interesting to talk about our future together as I think we can help each other generate revenue through some advertising space. In this way, I would have every interest in buying that same advertising space from you. Can we talk about the offer that I have?

We can work with a CPM model or fixed price, and we often pay in advance. You only have to insert the code for the ad that I will provide you. I will also send you a tracking code (API) that will make it possible for you to follow in a transparent way your progress and revenue.

Do I have your attention and interest? I would be more than happy to give you more details about this offer and discuss a deal, and possibly other sites you might have.

Best Regards,